More About Me

As a Detroit Metro Area native with over 40 years of experience in residential real estate, my roots run as deep as my commitment to this community. My journey began in commercial real estate, laying a strong foundation for a career marked by the prestigious Diamond Society Awards, a testament to my dedication and success.

My passion for service is multifaceted-I am an active participant in pet rescue, a proud voice in my church choir, and a supporter of the local softball team. These endeavors reflect my belief in the power of community and the importance of giving back.

Professionally, I am known for my meticulous preparation of properties for sale, ensuring they are primed for the market through a targeted revitalization program. My role as a listing concierge is to provide a personalized, full-service experience, making the process of selling a home as smooth as possible.

In an ever-evolving industry, staying tech-savvy is key. I embrace the latest technologies to enhance communication with clients, offer valuable contractor leads, and support first-time buyers through their real estate journey. My green thumb in gardening mirrors my approach to real estate-cultivating relationships and helping dreams grow.

Backed by the renowned Coldwell Banker brand, I am equipped with the resources and support to deliver unparalleled service. My education in Marketing from Oakland University has honed my strategic approach, ensuring that every client's property receives the attention and exposure it deserves.